Woo + Zita  make a complete store


Off Canvas Sidebar

Using this feature you can add WooCommerce widgets like a filter, recent products, category etc in a hidden sidebar. Which will display using the filter button. So it won't take extra space at shop page and improve the user experience.


Related & Upsell Product Control

Related and upsell products are used to increase sale. Theme contain controlling options like (show/hide products, number of the product to show and a total number of product ).


Dropdown Cart

This feature work like a cart notification. When Add to Cart button clicked, added product details will be displayed in a popup notification. So that visitor can take further actions like view cart, checkout and remove product etc.


Floating Cart

This option will improve visitor shopping experience. Now Add to Cart button will always visible to the visitor.


Quick View

This feature will improve visitor experience at your shop, by displaying product details in a popup instead of redirecting a visitor to the product single page.


Woo Widget Area

Zita comes with separate sidebar widget area for WooCommerce pages. Using this feature you can display unique shop widgets for WooCommerce pages.



This feature work for shop page. You can select desired pagination type. Zita comes with three type of paginations (numbered, load more and infinite scroll).


Distraction Free Checkout

This feature will disable header and footer at checkout page. So visitor won't distract to other links and directly go for the payment.


Sale Badge Style

You can modify sale badge to match your product styling. Zita contains three badge styles (circle, square and diamond).


Single Product Layout

Zita contains three product single page layout (left, centre and right). Two product tab layout (horizontal and vertical). You can also show/hide and reorder product title, meta, rating, price, add to cart and a short description.


Product Structure Control

Zita provides you options to control product elements. You can show/hide and reorder product title, category, rating, price, add to cart and a short description.


Color & Typography

Using this feature you can change color and set typography for WooCommerce elements.


Cross-Sell Product Control

Cross-sell products help you to sell complementary products. These products display at the checkout page. You can manage the number of product to show and the total number of product to show.


Product Styles

You can align ( left, right and centre ) product content. Change product image hover style (zoom, swap and none). And add box-shadow.


Shop Page Layouts

Theme contain full control over product content. You can also show/hide and reorder product title, category, rating, price, add to cart and a short description.

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