How to Import Zita Sites

In Zita, you’re free to Import Demo sites and use them for creating your own website. Just install Zita Site Library plugin and design any type of site. This will import all the readymade sites with all the content and save your time.

1. Go with “Zita Options”, you’ll find this under Appearance > Zita Options.
2. Navigate to “Zita Options”, in this panel you’ll see Import Starter site.
3. Click on “Install Importer plugin”. This will install Zita site library plugin on your dashboard. Activate plugin.

4. After activating Plugin, you’ll see “Zita Site Library” under Appearance panel. Click on it.
5. In this panel, you’ll find ready to use pre-made demos for designing websites.
6. Choose your desired site and click on it.
7. After going with the desired site, here you’ll see “Required Plugins”, you have to install them because they are used in your selected site. As shown in the below image.

8. Click on the “Import the site” button. In a few seconds it will import all the content, now your site is ready to customize as you want.

Now your site is Ready, click on “Done! View Site”.

Zita-Site-Library doc

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