For Sidebar, Go to Appearance > Customize > Layout > Sidebar. In your site you can set the sidebar and its alignment as “Left”, “Right” or “No sidebar” ( it will disable your sidebar).

Default Layout –

Default Layout will work for overall site. If you choose “Default” option in Page, blog, blog/archive layout then it will follow the sidebar alignment which you have set in the Default layout.

sidebar (1)

Sidebar Width (%) –

You can adjust the sidebar width with left or right sidebar by increasing or decreasing the slider bar or enter the value in text box.

Sticky Sidebar –

When the sticky sidebar is enabled the sidebar will scroll down with the content whenever you scroll the site.

Space Outside/Inside Sidebar – Pro Feature

Space will add margin in Top, bottom and padding in left, right side. This will work for Outside and inside space. Just enter the value in the text box and adjust spacing in your sidebar widgets.


Color & Background for Sidebar – Pro Feature

To add Color & Background in your Sidebar. Follow this Doc.

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