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Royal Shop

Royal Shop is All in one eCommerce WordPress Theme. Its beautiful and clear style has been designed to showcase your products and increase your sales. You can use Royal Shop for electronics & computers, Restaurant & Grocery, marketplace, toys & kids, tools & parts, beauty, health, clothing & fashion, watch & jewelry, home & furniture, sports etc. 


Digital Shop


Cloth Shop


Header Layouts

Royal Shop has One Unique Header layout to showcase your header elements like Logo, Menus, Call to action, Button, Social media, Text, AJAX Search box and Widgets. 3 Above header layouts available in both free & pro version. All header layouts are different from each other. You can also display Cart icon, Wishlist icon and Account icon in your Site Header.


Footer Layouts

Fixed Sidebar

Fixed Sidebar will fix your sidebar on your website. Just check the box it will fix your both side sidebar with the site. Whenever you scroll your site it will scroll down with it. 


Slider Layouts

Royal Shop has Two slider layout in which you can display slider image, link, Heading & Sub heading in it. Both the layout is different from each other. You can also enable slide auto-play in it. 

Filter Product Slider

In Filter Product slider you can display your store products and slide show them. Add the section title, choose product category and display products on your site. You can also choose recent, featured or random Products to display. 

Product Category Layout

Quick View

Color & Background Setting​

You can manage the colors and the background on your website. You can pick colors for link , link hover , Text, Title and Background color for whole site. You can also upload Background image for site. 

Sticky Header

Using this option you can stick your header with your site. Whenever you scroll down your site your header will stick to it.  It will allow quick access to the menu from any part of the page.

Free V/S Pro

Royal Shop
Royal Shop Pro
Section Hide Option
Header Layout
(One layout)
(Four Layout)
Footer Layout
Full Color & Background Control
Top Slider Section
(Two Layouts)
(Five Layouts)
Filter Product Slider
Product Slider Section
List view Slider
Brand Section
(One Layout)
(Three Layout)
Banner Section
(Two Layouts)
(Four Layouts)
Services Section
Move to top
Sticky Header
Fully Responsive
Social Icons
Ajax Search
Pre loader
Blog page setting
Pagination option ( Shop Page, Blog Page)
(Numbered, Load More, Infinite Scroll)
Product Quick View
Product Image Hover Style
(Zoom and Swap)
(Zoom, Swap and Swap Slide)
Section Ordering
Five Blank Section
Highlighted Product filter Section
Brand Section
Banner Tab Section
Call to Action Section
Multi Product Slider Widget
About us Widget
Testimonial Widget
Post Slider Widget
Product list Slider Widget
Product Slider Widget
Single Category Slider Widget
Single Product Slider Widget
Highlight Widget