Zita vs OceanWP vs Astra : Best theme for builders ?

Since its advent, page builders have enabled people to create beautiful websites with zero coding skills. As the usage of page builders has increased, it is a must for themes to be compatible and work seamlessly with page builders. But not every theme that you find for WordPress fits with page builders. So when choosing a WordPress theme, a user should not only watch for its appearance, customer support, pricing, features, etc. but also he should be aware of whether his theme is compatible with page builders or not. To make it simple and easy for you, we are going to compare three themes that work best with page builders. All these themes have a premium version although we will be comparing the free version of these themes. We are going to compare them in five different aspects.

3.Compatibility with Page builders
5.Layouts, templates, and design options

1. Features

These themes have ticked all the boxes required for a WordPress theme. They follow good code practices and are fully responsive. Let’s have a look at a few of the features.

You will be overwhelmed by the features provided by Zita in its free version. It has a great collection of header and footer layouts with completely customizable options. For Woocommerce it provides various modules like Single product, product catalog, product image, store notice and many more.

OceanWP also offers a range of customizable elements like Archives & Entries Layout, Single post layout. You can hide or change elements order as per your need. For WooCommerce it also provides excellent functionalities like menu cart, archives, store notice.

Astra here does not provide as many features as the other two themes mentioned here. With lesser layouts and lesser Woocommerce functionalities, it lags behind.


Although we are talking about free version of these themes here but it is very necessary to discuss about the pricing of the pro version to help you select your best future plan with these themes.

Zita here again gets an advantage for being extremely cost-effective. It has only two plans, annual and Lifetime. For an annual subscription, you will get Support & Updates for a year, Access to Zita Pro, Access to Premium Zita Sites, Access to 21+ Free Zita Sites, Access to Elite Addons For Elementor. In lifetime package you will get all these services for a lifetime period. You’ll get this pro version in $49 yearly and $149 for Lifetime.

OceanWP comes with three different plans Personal, Business and Unlimited. All these plans include 8 Free Extensions, 13 Premium Extensions, 13 Free Demos and 21 Pro Demos. If needed you can purchase its extensions which are sold separately.

Astra also comes with three plans named as Astra Pro, mini agency bundle and agency bundle. Astra Pro costs $59 for All Astra Pro Features and 20+ Free Starter Sites. Mini agency bundle costs $169 and gives All Astra Pro Features, 50+ Ready-made Starter Sites and addons bundle for either Elementor or Beaver Builder. You can get rest of the features in agency bundle for $249.

3.Compatibility with Page builders

Zita is coded and designed keeping builders support in mind. Specific styling has been done for elements created by builders making them look good and fit nicely on your page. Premium version of this theme comes with a bundle of addons for Elementor page builder.

OceanWP supports almost every page builder available in the market. It also comes with highly customizable Elementor Widgets bundle in its paid version.

Astra is very well known for its page builder compatibility. For distraction-free designing, you can hide site title and sidebar sections. In its agency bundle, it includes Addons for Beaver Builder and Addons for Elementor.


Zita follows all the coding standards that help in improving performance. It avoids bloats that may reduce the speed of your site.

OceanWP offers unique functionality for performance optimization. It allows you to disable styles and scripts for unused features.

Astra uses vanilla javascript instead of jquery to boost speed. It sizes less than 50KB which makes it one the most lightweight theme available in the market.

We have done a performance test of their official websites to check how they perform against each other.

5.Layouts & templates

Free version of Zita comes 21+ Free Zita Sites. You can import and use these sites directly or you can customize these sites as per your need. It has three layouts for the above & below header each and eight layouts for main header. Similarly in footer section three layouts for the above & below footer and eight layouts for widget footer are provided.

Live Demo

OceanWP also offers more than ten demos for its free version. Although you will need to buy its extensions for more control over design and customization. When compared to Zita it has fewer demos and layouts.

Live Demo

Astra has quite a few options in its customizer. It also has some starter sites to get you started. You can get more starter sites by going with premium versions.

Live Demo

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